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Welcome 2011

2011 is here

and as always I have my new year resolutions like everyone else. Here are a a few:

  • Eat healthier (avoid the pizza oven at the office is a great start)
  • After my foot and arm injuries I want to play football more often (I play for a Google football team and in a charity league with some friends.. that should cover this one 🙂
  • Visit home (Portugal) more often. I missed a lot of stuff by being away and with all the crazy travel I did in 2010.
  • At work there are great things happening and my wish here is to contribute even more to our success

Last but not least:

It is time for everyone to build up hope for a better future. This is also the time to help people who need the most. Programs like Kiva.org or UNICEF are safe choices if you decide to put some money aside to help others. Offer your time, offer your ideas (if they are good) to a volunteering program in your community.