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About traveling

As some of you highlighted, my blog has not been very active lately. At work, a lot of good things are happening and it has kept me in the ‘clouds’ for a while these last couple of weeks. In the last 30 days I flew many miles. Started from Dublin (my hub city) then:

Spain, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Ireland and UK today (if it happens… my flight is delayed 4 hours due to the beautiful snow that is covering the usually wet Dublin )

And until the end of the year: Ireland, Denmark, Ireland, Lisbon, Ukraine

I will address cloud computing in another post because that cloud has kept me in the skies  🙂

PS: (totally unrelated) I love tethering from my Android phone as it is serving as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to my computer allowing me to write this post and not be totally bored at the airport

Traveling like Crazy

Travel is one of my hobbies. Meeting new people, new cultures and new languages is something that will always amaze me.

Since I joined Google, early summer of 2006 I’ve been in 16 different countries and many of them several times. Sometimes for work and often also for leisure. (Even when it’s work I always find time to get a sense of the country and its culture. One of the greatest thing on Google’s multicultural environment is that your friends are from multiple countries.. With them I had the opportunity to get a better sense of the country that I’m visiting. Often happens that I travel with them to their countries and invite them to mine.

Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Latvia, USA, Mexico, Ireland, UK, Malta, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine.

More to come… I hope 🙂