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Effective communication (part II)

Image source: http://www.tminspiration.co.za

The all time favorite post on my Blog is “Basics of effective communication“. I believe what was said back then still applies. Here are a couple more ideas for you to keep in mind before engaging others, either they are costumers or members of your own team:”First things first”: What is your objective? What is the key message you want to transmit?

  • Think of your audience, their expectations, their previous knowledge about the subject, their education background, their business culture etc. Write/speak accordingly. First impression counts if you dont know the people and don´t skip many logical steps just to sound smart!
  • If your changing processes internally, use more than one channel of communication. It helps to pass the message across and useful to get people used to the idea you are trying to implement
  • To get the message across one must use the right channels, “eg if the staff you are contacting do not have regular access to a computer, do not rely on email as a way of communicating with them. Also consider that different categories of staff prefer to receive information in different ways“.
  • A  very common mistake is: the use acronyms without explaining them. Be mindful that not everyone might know what those are.
  • Use headlines that explain briefly and accurately what the message is about. Sometimes people don´t have time to read everything at once but it is important that they know what is it about.
  • Conduct an internal communications audit after the changes have been communicated for a while. Did people got the message? What can be improved? Use your findings to improve the process
  • Remember that good communication is a two-way process. Provide opportunities for others to communicate their views/thoughts.  LISTEN… (I’ll make sure I write a post with my thoughts on effective listening)

Thanks for reading 🙂

Product Management for beginners

Product Management

One of these days I was surfing the web and I came across a great website with great tips to people that are starting as Product Managers as their full time job. Although I work in the business and I have some experience with Product Management/Marketing I got great tips. The online Webinar conducted by Jeff Lash is very good and it covers the following tips for starters.

  1. Spend time with customers
  2. Ask “dumb” questions
  3. Let go of your past
  4. Surround yourself with experts
  5. Gather data
  6. Focus
  7. Concentrate on what, not how
  8. Communicate, communicate, communicate
  9. Sell your product internally
  10. Do whatever it takes

I have to acknowledge that my experience is limited he IT sector and I still expect to explore this website better because learning is never enough 🙂