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Start Ups: What it takes to “take off”

A Startup first success is to be born

 A Startup first success is to be born!

I had/have the privilege to contribute the amazing growth Google had in the last ~7 years and, in particular, the growth of Google Enterprise. On top of my regular work I am a mentor @Campus London and this has been an enriching experience. After meeting many startups there are simple things that they need to consider before they successfully take off.

  • The secret for their success is not intrinsically related to quality if their idea(s):

People are usually very protected of their ideas (and of course that’s ok, it’s their “baby”) but they tend to forget that in many cases a similar idea is already there but it never took off. Its all about execution. Great ideas are wasted every day at lunch time. Learning where others failed and understanding the environment where you fit is step 1!

  • Commitment is important but by itself it is also not enough.

Yes, be committed and dedicate yourself as much time as possible to your startup. Depending on witch stage you are you will also need to commit yourself financially (otherwise how can you expect others to do so?). Said that, you will need perseverance and to be mentally strong (very strong). Be ready to listen many times the word “NO” until you hear a “YES”. People that you talk to might disagree with your business plan. If they are not a interested party, listen carefully as they might be giving you another angle that you should not disregard.

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Success brings happiness vs happiness brings success

Recently I was discussing with a friend if being positive and happy attracts success or if the fact that you reach your goals is what makes you happy. From that conversation I can conclude that everyone has their own theories about it. We ended up discussing work environment, collaboration and getting things done.

Credits: http://artistic-dreams.tumblr.com/post/1224532438/be-happy-stay-positive-lifes-too-short-too


My friend states that “if you work hard you’ll be successful and if your successful then you are happy”. I actually think is the other way around. You should make the effort to see “the glass half full”. Be happy that the glass is half full and with that extra happiness boost  you will work hard and fill in the rest of the glass.

Keeping a positive attitude to changes and roadblocks will make you more creative. By just seeing the bright side, people will tend to collaborate with you more and with that you’ll reach your goals faster. This makes the journey to success easier.

I know sometimes is not easy to see the positives but if you train yourself (brain and heart) to do so, things will end up being naturally positive in the future.