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1000 unique visitors a week


That is it! I reached 1000 visitors last week (1008 to be precise).  Not surprisingly this happens when re-started to post more often in the blog.

Only last month, and according to Google Analytics, I had visitors from 106 countries or territories. The top countries visiting my blog are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • India
  • Portugal
  • Followed by Germany,  Philippines, Australia, Ireland and France

I posted about how to improve a website ranking, internet marketing, cloud computing, effective communication, strategyuser experience I and II, product management, Sales suggestions,  provided a couple of presentation tips, talked about my native country plus other things that you can check out by either searching or visiting the archive.

If you want to know how many visits I had when I start just ask Google for “what is the loneliest number”. The calculator will answer you.

Thanks to everyone that visited me 🙂

EDIT: To honor my Indian visitors I added Hindi as one of the languages where you can translate the blog automatically.

EDIT 2:     As of August I have over 2200 visitors a week :). I definitely need to post more often. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog

Presentation Tips

Being a great presenter is something that everyone would like and obviously I am not the exception. In my opinion Steve Jobs is one of the great presenters on the IT world. This week I presented to an audience of reporters in a Press Summit for Latin America. Although I tried to follow the guidelines in this post not everything went well. Number 6 and 7 failed for a while (I was relying myself on a live demo and on a strong deck of slides) but fortunately I was calm and started to speak out of my head. Well, when I had the slides and the computer back the presentation had already took a different path. In the end I think it went well and I had several questions from the audience but my lesson here is: Have a plan B in case everything fails 😉

Here are some ideas of how you can improve your presentations skills. I’m just copying and slightly shrinking this article of how to Deliver a presentation like Steve Jobs published in business week a few months ago.

edit: If you have feedback about the article you can e-mail Carmine Gallo directly at carmine@gallocommunications.com. Carmine Gallo, a business communications coach and Emmy-Award winning former TV journalist.

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