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A Sales Question…

A while ago a good friend  of mine asked more about the products and features I work with. Then he said something: “You put so much passion explaining things and this is not even your working hours”. I can clearly remember when I was answering to that statement a great TED talk was popping into my mind:

In sales, in business and in other aspects of life, I agree that is not the “WHAT?”  or the “HOW?” that drives things. Is the “WHY?”! The great examples given there are about Apple products and Dr. Martin Luther King but, in general, if you understand the vision and how you can contribute to that vision, how it connects to you and makes you fill, then it will enable you to sell, to buy, to motivate and to be motivated.

If you never listened to this TED talk, I recommend it and Simon  is a great speaker so time flies by 🙂


Motivation – Motivate yourself by motivating the world

Never this word was so important in organization as it is on this XXI century. Motivation drives to ideas, drives to communication and drives to “getting things done”. I’ve seen many places ad many teams that it made a difference. It is better to have a motivated person that knows only half of a really non motivated one. While the motivation of this person will take her to do the extra mile, the non motivated will do less and try to drag others with them.

As a peer, team lead or manager it is important that you stick together. Be the point person, try to address the issues and motivate others (and get motivated by them).

Motivation is an interesting concept because it has no formula. Some people is just the money, some is just the colleagues, some is just the challenges and some require all the above to get motivated. Ever situation is a “one off” case. I believe that is worth to try to address singular issues with certain people. Sometimes you can’t solve the problem but the majority of the times, all it takes is just to say the right words and explain the correct things.

This attitude will bring your team close together and your ability to motivate others is often recognized as a great virtue.

Motivation  Pyramid

Motivate yourself by motivating the world.

EDIT: I have a new post on Motivation and some specific actions to keep yourself/others motivated