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Leadership Framework

To be

To understand…

To Know…

To do…

Always BE a dedicated employee. Examples: Lead by example, be loyal to your company, perform selfless service, take personal responsibility for your actions and for the people that report to you.

BE.. a role model to others. Be the one that possess good character traits. Examples: Integrity, honesty, imagination, competence, commitment, candor, courage and straightforwardness.

BE.. Organized. Not everyone works the same way but if you bring organization to chaos and improve current processes you will win your team easily follow you.

UNDERSTAND and KNOW the four factors of leadership – follower, leader, communication, situation.

UNDERSTAND others and communicate differently according to their needs. Examples: Understand Human needs, emotions, and how people respond to stress.

UNDERSTAND your organization. Examples: where to go for help, its climate and culture, who the unofficial leaders are.

KNOW yourself and try to improve your flaws. Examples: strengths and weakness of your character, knowledge, and skills.

KNOW your job and your represent to others. Examples: be proficient and be able to train others in their tasks.

DO provide direction and people will understand what is their role and what you expect from them. Examples: goal setting, problem solving, decision making, planning.

DO implement and your processes will flow as they should. Examples: communicating, coordinating, supervising, evaluating.

DO motivate and they will go the “extra mile” when you need them to. Examples: develop moral and esprit in the organization, train, coach, counsel.

How to be Skillful Leader…

When I finished my diploma in Project Management in Dublin Business School as well as on my current job where I have the oportunity to learn with people, to lead them and to drive ideas in order to achieve the goals of the team, the department or of the company I realised the importance of a good leadership..

Here are a few tips that you should have in mind when leading a team:


Communication: The key to leadership.
Successful partnerships are built on open and ongoing communication. Only this way can partners come to a shared understanding.

Communication is a two-way process. Listening is as important as speaking. Communication is never perfect. Some information is always lost or jumbled in the process. But about Communication I’ll write another topic later…

Continuing with what you should keep in mind…

Do real work – A leader is a member of the partnership and is, therefore, responsible for doing their fair share of the work.

Create opportunities for others – A true leader should not try to do everything alone (Delegate responsibility). A leader must provide opportunities for individuals or the partnership to grow and work effectively. Authority and responsibility keeps people motivated.

Keep the purpose, inspire people’s actions and focus on the goals – Help partners determine, clarify, and commit to the group’s goals. A leader can and should inspire appropriate actions, but should not force the partnership to move in any particular direction.

Build commitment and confidence – Understand and try to balance the needs and interests of both individuals and the overall partnership. Positive and constructive feedback helps make the partnership more successful. How to deliver positive and negative feedback is also something to be discussed later on…

Build a team with different skills – Recognize and build on the strengths and skills of individual members of the partnership. Effective partnerships depend on having an appropriate balance of technical, interpersonal and other skills. As a leader you should ensure that all the necessary skills are available for the partnership.

Manage relationships with outsiders, including removing obstacles – Ensure that external relationships are developed and maintained. This responsibility may be shared with other members of the partnership.

Hope it helps… All the information above can be found on the web and search Google in order to dig your knowledge in this area 😉