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Charming Lisbon in the 1950’s

A friend emailed me a  great slideshow with pictures from Lisbon in the 1950’s. A lot has changed but the charm and the genuine heart of the city are here well represented. Unfortunately I don’t know who’s the author but he/she did an amazing job with this images.

The pics also have some comments there but they are only useful if you understand Portuguese 🙂

The Portuguese “Os Portugueses”…

Portuguese Flag
Portugal… A country next to the sea… “Um pais à beira-mar plantado”.

There is a lot I could say about my country. It’s amazing history is briefly described on Wikipedia. Dazzling places to visit can be found everywhere and if you are an investor the country has an organized structure to welcome you.

Well… Infrastructure, history and organization are not everything you need to make something work. In the end it all comes down to the people.

“Os Portugueses”


How we Portuguese are as a people is hard to describe. Although we are Latin nation we are not as “warm blooded” as the Spanish or the Italian. For some reason, we got influenced by the long periods of time that we spent traveling the world. We have a word “SAUDADE” that describes the feeling of “loss”, when you miss a friend that is away or a situation that you’ve been through in the past. This feeling allied to the sense of “Fado” that means destiny gave us a different perspective on life and relations towards people and situations.

There are known Portuguese in several fields, from literature to science or sports. However, from the less known people I would describe us as organized, responsible in their work, creative and hard working individuals. Not all are roses and we have some less good qualities such as the tendency to bureaucracy and the lack of long term strategy of some of companies and individuals (ex. Manage personal savings, manage employees etc..). I point these reasons among others to “justify” why we are not a country that drives more innovation and provides better quality of life for their citizens has it could/should be.

I like to add that I think the future is bright because “if we have good eggs… we will make a good omelet”.