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The new IT pillars


End of May. Mary Meeker (and Liang Wu) recently shared their latest report on Internet trends. An invaluable document with lots of data on where the Internet is going.

I believe that some of these trends are not only shaping the Internet but they are fundamentally redefining IT. CIOs & CTOs can’t afford to keep themselves detached from the business any longer. “Keeping the lights on” and ensuring that their data is secure is no longer enough. If they don’t adapt they can be contributors to the erosion of very solid businesses. IT is now in a position to provide business solutions and answers to decision makers.

As the Borg say “Resistance is futile” (for Star Trek fans). Social, Mobile, Big Data & Cloud are not just trends that we are starting to see. They are key pillars for the future of IT. Today, we see companies that are evolving in this way are seeing solid results. The world is changing fast (see great comparisons on the report above) and missing on this journey can fundamentally cripple companies in their ability to adapt.

I will develop further my views on these pillars in future posts (I just can’t promise when… ;))

One more thing….

Beware of long term roadmaps (3+years) for anything that is related to IT. Understand the vision and see how adaptive it can be.



About traveling

As some of you highlighted, my blog has not been very active lately. At work, a lot of good things are happening and it has kept me in the ‘clouds’ for a while these last couple of weeks. In the last 30 days I flew many miles. Started from Dublin (my hub city) then:

Spain, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Ireland and UK today (if it happens… my flight is delayed 4 hours due to the beautiful snow that is covering the usually wet Dublin )

And until the end of the year: Ireland, Denmark, Ireland, Lisbon, Ukraine

I will address cloud computing in another post because that cloud has kept me in the skies  🙂

PS: (totally unrelated) I love tethering from my Android phone as it is serving as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to my computer allowing me to write this post and not be totally bored at the airport