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Welcome to my personal page on this blog :). My name is João Pedro Pinheiro Rufino, I did my studies in Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal where I was awarded a Masters in Computer Engineering. Prior to that I studied 2 years of Applied Chemistry in the same university. I also have a diploma in Project Management from the Dublin Business School and an interesting diploma in New Economic Powers (BRIC) from the University of Oxford I also have several other small courses in areas that I find interesting and trainings provided by my employer.

This is my personal blog, but I also have some profiles across the web. Here is a link to my  View João Rufino's profile on LinkedIn .

I lived in Ireland for over 6 years and I am now currently living in London, UK. I’m a very social person that loves a good chat and loves a nice debate about… every topic to be honest! I see myself as a responsible person, dedicated to my job and that always try to learn more about the our world that is constantly changing and we need o keep up.

My great passion are animals, specially dogs and horses.

Because I love animals, I have at my place in Portugal, 7 dogs (all Sight Hounds), Whippets, Greyhounds and Afghan Hounds. My parents breed this dogs long before I was born. My dogs attend Dog Shows all across the world (but mainly in Portugal) and because of that I was always able to travel a lot. Regarding horses, I ride since I was 6. I have a degree of professor from the Association of the British Riding Schools. Because I left Portugal, I don’t ride as often as I did and now it is hard for me to keep improving. I also play football in a regular basis and I’m Sporting Clube de Portugal fan and supporter.

Feel free to drop me an email if you want to know more 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog,

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  1. marian

    I was looking for some information about communication (especialy about some competitive technology solution against fibre-optic communication).

    So, nice article about communication skills. What about some business opportunities? I am from Slovakia. not much to do. I can send you my cv.

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Marian,

    Sure, lets chat about it :). Send me an email with your CV and we’ll start from there 🙂


  3. karen

    I was looking for some information about communication skills and got your excellent chart. I would like to know more details about the chart, therefore would you please tell more about it?

    By the way, You are so handsome, did you shock a lot of girls dead in the street?

    I’m from China, working in language teaching field, including business communication strategies.

    Best regards.

  4. Oséias Alves

    Hey dude,

    I was just seeking some information about GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS and I got you great blog. I’d like to thank ya for that cuz it has helped me a lot..

    By the way, I’m a Brazilian English Language Teacher and effective communications is rather important to me.

    Best wishes,

    Oséias A from Brazil South America. Cya!

  5. João Rufino Post author

    Hi Oséias,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Hope the content helped :). Let me know if you have any suggestions how to improve it.

    Obrigado e tudo de bom para você,

  6. Danette

    First of all, thank you for the information on Effective communication.

    I will need to agree with each of the comments, you already read.

    I am from Puerto Rico, The smallest of the Greater Antilles, feel free to visit.

    Muito obrigado formoso para a sua ajuda e para fazerme sorrir.


  7. Justin

    Hello João, I was exploring opportunities in Chicago Illinois and came across some positions with google. I am attempting to align my career path with what it appears you are doing. Would you mind sharing any helpful advice? Thanks!

  8. Humera

    Dear João,
    You know I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for a nice social network. I have been on several sites but they seem to be of no use to me. I want to write with passion about everything what I feel and hear and find out in this world. I want to share it with anyone who has the same interest in things but they don’t have to have the same opinion if you know what I mean. Due to a friend I am now on facebook but gee what is it all about. Is it a competition for how many friends you got? I cannot understand. Better a small amount of friends who have some quality then a 1000 where you never hear from right? So when I read your blog I was hoping you would give me tips where I should enter my name to find such a friendship I can lean on. The other thing is these days in this society you need to be a member of some kind of blog, network, space or twitter. Isn’t it all over done? Or am I crazy.
    Well something else if you are all about communication then how is the best way to start writing a book? I have this feeling I have to write and write. But where to start?
    If you or anyone else has tips I would really appreciate it. I am not a writer and may not have those skills but I have a lot in my mind I want to share.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  9. rose

    Hello Sir,

    What is the best way to motivate an employee? Sometimes it is not just about salary? what are the best strategies? I am making a paper.

  10. João Rufino Post author

    Hi Humera,

    In my opinion, probably Facebook is not the best platform for you to write about everything that you feel/hear or decide to debate. Facebook is more social, where you tell your friends or people that you know what you have been doing, share some photos or even play some games. Some people also use it to make new friends. The blog culture first appeared to address the need you mentioned. People have blogs to write about things they like or sometimes use them as a personal diary. There are blogs followed by thousands of people. Another platform where you can discuss specific issues are forums. They are all over the internet, they can be closed communities where you debate about specific issues with the people that belong to that forum. You can also create a group (see just with where friends and closed to the outside world to debate and share thoughts on everything.


  11. João Rufino Post author

    Hi rose,

    People can be motivated by different factors. Money is certainly one of them but I highlight others that in the, medium, long term can do more than money to keep an employee motivated.
    – Work environment. (Hire the right people, give great importance also to their social skills. Sometimes, people that go the “extra mile” compensate their “technical perfection”
    – Challenges. People need to be challenged, they need to feel useful and encouraged.
    – Perks (small things, gestures of appreciation. Can go from offering a free dinner for 2 or an unplanned afternoon off during during the holiday. It all depends on the culture that you want to implement.

  12. Uma

    Hi João,

    Thanks a ton for the write-up on Effective

    Communication. It was quite interesting and




  13. José Rosa

    Bom dia João,

    Ao navegar pela net, deparei-me com o teu blog e tambem com a tua pagina no facebook, tenho estado num dilema pois a tua cara nao me é nada estranha e mais confuso fiquei quando reparei que estudas-te na Mucana, Até a 6 anos vivi no bairro pai do vento e nao resisti em enviar-te um mail para perceber se nos conhecemos ou nao?

    Um forte abraço,

    José Rosa

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  15. xuxin

    hi i am from china , now i am in japan study ,do you know this book (motivational strategies in the language classroom)?
    have u read it ?

  16. João Rufino Post author

    I don´t know the book but read a couple of reviews online about it and it should be good :). There are a lot of people saying good things about it. I’ll investigate more

  17. Reni Ernawati

    Hi Joao,

    Nice talking and meeting you in the cyber world.
    I am Indonesian, I was graduated from the Hotel Academy in Trisakti University ( it’s the Best University in Jakarta ) then I was continuing my study and graduated from the Management faculty. Actually I am very interested in Communication as right now I am working in Indonesian Airlines. My previous position is Flight Attendant for about 15 Years then I move to the management as a Chief FA and now I am working in a FA Standard.
    I agrre with you that its easy to talk but difficult to practice.
    Ok thank you for your sharing about the Communication and if you have other topic about that please send me the Information.

    Best regards

  18. pawan yadav

    I am pawan yadav from India ,this is nice artical about motivation i want to chat with u please send your email id…

  19. pinky

    radhey radhey..joao,
    helloo joao how ru? what can i say about me? i m searching my dream. there was nothing to share with u . so t.c …

    radhey radhey…

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