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The Internet Of Everything: 2014

Recently I’ve seen a very good presentation from Tony Danova  in the Business Insider regarding the “Internet Of Everything”. If you are interested in the subject and what his research tells about the key trends and forecasts of Internet End-points

You can find the full preso here:

The new IT pillars


End of May. Mary Meeker (and Liang Wu) recently shared their latest report on Internet trends. An invaluable document with lots of data on where the Internet is going.

I believe that some of these trends are not only shaping the Internet but they are fundamentally redefining IT. CIOs & CTOs can’t afford to keep themselves detached from the business any longer. “Keeping the lights on” and ensuring that their data is secure is no longer enough. If they don’t adapt they can be contributors to the erosion of very solid businesses. IT is now in a position to provide business solutions and answers to decision makers.

As the Borg say “Resistance is futile” (for Star Trek fans). Social, Mobile, Big Data & Cloud are not just trends that we are starting to see. They are key pillars for the future of IT. Today, we see companies that are evolving in this way are seeing solid results. The world is changing fast (see great comparisons on the report above) and missing on this journey can fundamentally cripple companies in their ability to adapt.

I will develop further my views on these pillars in future posts (I just can’t promise when… ;))

One more thing….

Beware of long term roadmaps (3+years) for anything that is related to IT. Understand the vision and see how adaptive it can be.



Backup your Angry Birds progress / high score (Android)

Recently I got the new Nexus S, a nice upgrade from the Nexus 1. Sure, I’ll miss the trackball but my main concern was: How do I transfer the hours of dedication to Angry birds and Angry birds Seasons?  I have almost 3 stars in every level and I was considering not upgrading because of this.

Some people told me I needed to root the phone and copy /data/data/com.rovio.angrybirdsseasons/files/ between devices.

That probably works but I didn´t want to spend that much time on this and I wanted to find an easier way to transfer the progress on Angry Birds.

I investigated and found a great solution (easy for the non techies).

  • Install an app called Angry birds backup (from YONGSIN for the normal one  and the Angry birds Seasons from Nadav Fima – they are free but you can donate on YONGSIN site)
  • Open the app and press the backup button
  • Go to the SD card and you’ll see a folder called angry birds backup. Copy it to your computer (or directly to the SD card on the other phone)
  • Install angry birds and angry birds backup in the new phone
  • copy the Angry birds backup folder from your computer to your new phone
  • Important: complete the first level of angry birds before you press the button restore on your angry birds backup app otherwise the tool will tell you that you don’t have Angry birds installed.

Et Voila.. I got my results back and I’m now a happy Nexus S user.

Hope it helps all the people that need to move to a new device and want to keep their Angry Birds progress

1000 unique visitors a week


That is it! I reached 1000 visitors last week (1008 to be precise).  Not surprisingly this happens when re-started to post more often in the blog.

Only last month, and according to Google Analytics, I had visitors from 106 countries or territories. The top countries visiting my blog are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • India
  • Portugal
  • Followed by Germany,  Philippines, Australia, Ireland and France

I posted about how to improve a website ranking, internet marketing, cloud computing, effective communication, strategyuser experience I and II, product management, Sales suggestions,  provided a couple of presentation tips, talked about my native country plus other things that you can check out by either searching or visiting the archive.

If you want to know how many visits I had when I start just ask Google for “what is the loneliest number”. The calculator will answer you.

Thanks to everyone that visited me 🙂

EDIT: To honor my Indian visitors I added Hindi as one of the languages where you can translate the blog automatically.

EDIT 2:     As of August I have over 2200 visitors a week :). I definitely need to post more often. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog

Cloud Computing

A few months have passed since I last posted in my blog and I apologize for that.

I’ll come back to this topic later but take this as an introductory post on Cloud Computing. 🙂

Cloud Computing is a concept that 10 years ago seemed a dream because of very slow internet connections,  today is a very solid reality.  It is amazing to see productivity gains, amazing collaboration potential etc. With cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) you can take full advantage of a service without having to maintain all the technology behind it. It’s like going to a pub, enjoying a draft beer without having to worry about goes on in the background.

Below, in a glance, the potential that Google Apps can bring to your business…

Did you know that the name “Cloud Computing” is based in the cloud symbol that is used to represent the Internet in flow charts and diagrams

How to successful conduct an ideas brainstorm

image credits:

“Two heads think better than one”. I truly believe in this saying and I think brainstorms can bring several creative ideas and new ways to approach problems.

It is true that not all brainstorms are successful and they can get very messy and turn into arguments. If you respect some basic rules you can increase the probability of success and avoid unnecessary discussions.

  1. Prepare the room. I personally like white boards, post-its and different color pens. Cut all communications to the outside world (that includes notebooks and mobile phones!) and provide water as people need to vocalize their ideas :);
  2. Set your expectations clearly and give an introduction of what you plan to achieve.
  3. Have a moderator (that is not a contributor). His/her goal is to keep people focused on the problem at hands;
  4. Get a heterogeneous group and I always think small groups are better to manage (around 10 people)
  5. Give a few minutes for individuals to think on their own ideas and write them in a post-it and explain the purpose of the color pens (good to divide the ideas into groups). After a certain time, the moderator puts them all together in the board. Encourage people to write all their ideas, even if they can foresee roadblocks to their success
  6. The golden rule is: Do NOT debate the ideas themselves. You can only in witch group they belong

I thinks these tips would help you get one good and creative idea for your problem.