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IT changing the world VS. The world changing IT

We are at an inflection point for IT. Think about the following:

  • 10-20 years ago people had the best computer at work, the best printer and even a mobile phone! Today we see the exact opposite, a personal phone is better than the work phone. People use the latest communication tools like Google, Facebook, G+, Twitter etc.
  • On their personal lives people access their data from anywhere using all sorts of devices. People use every available tool to pass their message across and contact their friends. This change is unstoppable, IT is being “consumerized”.

The questions are: “how are companies taking advantage of these new trends while keeping company data secure?”. It´s not all about having a BYOD* policy and insuring it’s secure. People changed the way they work and the world is different. We realised that we work better together, that great ideas and great solutions come from groups.

Unfortunately I see that at work several people feel locked, unhappy and unproductive.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

I see companies every day with this problem and helping them to adopt a better and more productive way of working is what I like to do the most 🙂

*Bring your own device


Success brings happiness vs happiness brings success

Recently I was discussing with a friend if being positive and happy attracts success or if the fact that you reach your goals is what makes you happy. From that conversation I can conclude that everyone has their own theories about it. We ended up discussing work environment, collaboration and getting things done.



My friend states that “if you work hard you’ll be successful and if your successful then you are happy”. I actually think is the other way around. You should make the effort to see “the glass half full”. Be happy that the glass is half full and with that extra happiness boost  you will work hard and fill in the rest of the glass.

Keeping a positive attitude to changes and roadblocks will make you more creative. By just seeing the bright side, people will tend to collaborate with you more and with that you’ll reach your goals faster. This makes the journey to success easier.

I know sometimes is not easy to see the positives but if you train yourself (brain and heart) to do so, things will end up being naturally positive in the future.

A Sales Question…

A while ago a good friend  of mine asked more about the products and features I work with. Then he said something: “You put so much passion explaining things and this is not even your working hours”. I can clearly remember when I was answering to that statement a great TED talk was popping into my mind:

In sales, in business and in other aspects of life, I agree that is not the “WHAT?”  or the “HOW?” that drives things. Is the “WHY?”! The great examples given there are about Apple products and Dr. Martin Luther King but, in general, if you understand the vision and how you can contribute to that vision, how it connects to you and makes you fill, then it will enable you to sell, to buy, to motivate and to be motivated.

If you never listened to this TED talk, I recommend it and Simon  is a great speaker so time flies by 🙂


Motivation (II) – Specifics actions

Two years ago I addressed the importance of Motivation and how it is important for the health of your team and your organization.  That post is called “Motivation – Motivate yourself by motivating the world“. A comment on “more about me” led me to this post. Now I’ll be addressing specifics and give a couple of tips on how you should get yourself motivated and how to motivate others.

People can be motivated by different factors. Money is certainly one of them, where people must feel that they are payed according to the effort/responsibility they put into their role.

But there are others that in the medium/long term can do more than money to keep an employee motivated. Those other factors can/will even change the perception of the “fairness” of the dichotomy  work/salary.

  • Work environment. Hire the right people, do not disregard the  great importance of their social skills. Sometimes, people that go the “extra mile” compensate their “technical perfection”. People that naturally think “what can I do for you?” instead of “what can this person do for me?” create sense of team spirit, coordination and go the extra mile helping each other.
  • Challenge orientated work. People need to be challenged, they need to feel useful and encouraged. In my opinion, people like at some point to relax for a bit however, there is not a single person that likes to “relax forever”. People feel the need of doing something more, the need to “think” and “act”, to progress and influence the lives of others. Do not disregard the need of a challenge and purpose on the work people perform (ex: volunteering. People work for free for a higher purpose, to help and improve the life of others!).
  • Perks. They can be small things, gestures of appreciation for the person and for it´s job.  This can go from giving someone an unplanned afternoon off during during the holiday season or a free dinner somewhere. It all depends on the culture that you want to implement in your organisation.

Above all. There is nothing more motivating in the long run than just a “Thank you. Great job!” when people deserve it.