A brief post on… Sales 101

Sales! A word despised by some, loved by others… Some claim it’s art, others say it’s a science. So, what is it? And how can you master it? After several years working in the field with a few of the best sales guys on the planet, I think I have my answer!

It can be an art, a natural talent that gives you something that others need to work hard to achieve. But, don’t despair, that is not the end of the story. Hard work and technique is what will make you a star and, what makes a solid sales representative. Talent can only give you a head start. Science and hard work will get you to the finish line above target.

Key things for you to remember: 
– Understand and challenge your customer. They might not appreciate it in the beginning but they’ll respect you in the long term. People BUY from YOU and only if they trust you. 
– Know your stuff! There is no way around it. You might have the best product out there but you need to explain why AND adapt your speech to different audiences
– Be friendly and patient, Listen! Only by listening you’ll make your pitch effective and understand what your customer REALLY needs. 
– Finally, identify the decision maker! There is nothing worse than doing a great pitch and invest your time on the wrong person! 

Sales: A few lines to explain the basics… A lifetime of hard work to master it 🙂

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