Chess VS. Checkers


One of the things I love to do is mentoring.

Fortunately, I have the pleasure of interacting with bright individuals and very exciting startups.

One of the areas that I often see as challenging is making sure that people understand better the surrounding environment before rushing into decisions. Sometimes what might look like a straight left or right decision (checkers) is actually more complex than that.

Seeing the big picture! Your stakeholders, their motivation, your personal fit, the company mission, among many other variables are crucial. Basic example: When you get surprised by someone’s attitude you should consider the reason behind it (like moving a Chess piece) instead of reacting right away. Remember that the vast majority of conflicts start as misunderstandings! In business, you need to be ready to adapt!

Speed (first move) is important. However, it is not decisive. Decisions with the right goal in mind is what will help you succeed!

Keep coming back to your goal whenever you are in doubt on what to do. Work hard and remember, Your motivation should not be affected by the difficulties!