Dream Paradox

I have not written in my blog much and today I won´t write about any trends or give any suggestions.

I will follow up on the ‘Dream’ Sign I have on the sealing of my room. See this post for more info on this

Since I was kid, I often could realize I was having a dream and could decide to either let it go or try to influence it.. Sometimes it works.. Sometimes the dream is ruined because I break the concept of the story.

But lately, as soon as I realize that it is a dream, I start questioning it:
– “Why is this person asking a question? If it is just in my dream, I know the question and I know the answer”
–  If I have an Idea that is relevant, I feel the need to wake up and write it down. I never reach the end of the story..

The ability to dream always intrigued me…

Have a nice day and.. good dreams 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dream Paradox

  1. Nadina

    Hey João,

    Believe it or not, searching “motivation” on google images brings your blog up.
    Anyway, how would you suggest a person should concentrate and motivate self to get a damned task done? (in particular, studying for the MCAT) I know this is no business, marketing or internet material, but seems like you know a whole lot on soft skills/beyond-the-materialistic-needs to be able to suggest a thing or two.


  2. João Rufino Post author

    Hi Nadina,

    Thanks for taking the time to write.

    Think this way:

    – MCAT is probably your job for the moment and by having a good grade a lot of new doors will open
    – More than thinking on task itself, think on WHY you want to do this exam. Motivate yourself by seeing what you want to achieve after the exam.
    – Don´t think you have to study. Study and think on what you will achieve after this is done
    – As you said.. “a damned task”. So.. do your best to get it behind your back as soon as possible

    Everyone has to do things they don´t particularly enjoy to reach a greater goal. You are not alone 🙂


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