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As some of you highlighted, my blog has not been very active lately. At work, a lot of good things are happening and it has kept me in the ‘clouds’ for a while these last couple of weeks. In the last 30 days I flew many miles. Started from Dublin (my hub city) then:

Spain, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Ireland and UK today (if it happens… my flight is delayed 4 hours due to the beautiful snow that is covering the usually wet Dublin )

And until the end of the year: Ireland, Denmark, Ireland, Lisbon, Ukraine

I will address cloud computing in another post because that cloud has kept me in the skies  🙂

PS: (totally unrelated) I love tethering from my Android phone as it is serving as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to my computer allowing me to write this post and not be totally bored at the airport

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