Emarketing Part II – Reasons to Invest on the web

Since my first post on Internet Marketing or Emarketing, I intended to write more about this subject. According to my Analytics data it is also my most visited post.

In this post I elaborate on a few reasons why Internet Marketing is something that any business should dedicate special attention.

It is relevant for businesses of any size and gives them access to a massive market at an affordable price (not like TV or print advertising). It allows you to target your audience and truly develop a personalized marketing campaign.

Here are some of the benefits it could bring to your business:

  • Personalization – With current technology it is easy to target a product to a language or location. You can even change the workflow of your website in order to match the products your users want and visit.
  • Globalization – Anyone with an internet connection can reach your website. This allows you to reach markets far away and compete globally.
  • 24-hour “out there”-“on stage” – With a website you can sell, present your products even when off working hours of your employees.
  • Lower cost – Good planning and excellence in the execution of an effectively targeted e-marketing campaign can reach your desired audience much better than large scale traditional marketing channels. The cost is incomparably lower.
  • Reliable and precise Data – It includes tracking the actions on your website and measuring results effectively. Email newsletters(not spam!), banner advertising or conversion rate from your online adds provide enough info of how effective your campaign is.
  • Internet mobile – Mobile phones and PDAs can provide additional info. Targeting mobile means that people want to know more about your business while they are on the go (and they want it fast!). Combining this with the personalized aspect of Emarketing, allows you to increase the effectiveness targeting of your campaigns.
  • Creativity and reciprocity – Emarketing distinguish itself from traditional marketing campaigns because you can use multiple formats to pass the message across (video,audio,images) but more than that. It can involve a reciprocity such as sending a quiz, allowing people to network through your website or even play a game.
  • Instant purchase functionalities/Conversion rate – if your website allows people to buy your product, then you must focus your efforts on the fact that they are only ever a few clicks away from completing a purchase. Traditional marketing methods don’t allow this. People have to change direction or postpone their will to buy (start a phone call, go to a shop or a post office).

The final goal of any type of marketing campaign is to pitch-up your sales and here are a few reasons that can convince you to adopt or improve your Emarketing campaigns.

5 thoughts on “Emarketing Part II – Reasons to Invest on the web

  1. Dave Devery

    You have really spelled out the advantages of having an online presence. It really surprises me how still, in this day and age, some businesses do not have a website. The cost of web design, web hosting etc has dropped significantly in the recent years, and there is lots of funding available through County Enterprise Boards etc to help pay for the web development.

    If I am looking for a phone number, address or anything, I look online. Those who choose to neglect their web presence do so at their own peril.

  2. K.S.R.Gopal

    It is a wonderful experience browsing through your Blog. I have visited many sites in pursuit of how to present my skills to the world through internet, and lo! i accidentally entered into your site and i spent nearly 2 hours. Excellent site, you have either answeres to most of my needs or have given a direction. Thank you.
    Do you want to know how i ventured into your site accidentally?- i was looking for images for mentoring, strategy etc to create my web site. Through the picture of strategy i entered into your site.
    Now that i am any way here and you have been helping starters like me, could you please guide me how to place my skills and experience on iNTERNET TO MARKET MY- mANAGEMENT cONSULTING, mENTORING AND tRAINING SKILSS . I would be greatful to you for your guidance. I do not have a web page as of now and started writing some articles in Google Blogs.
    Thank you
    Best Regards

  3. João Rufino Post author


    Thank you for your kind word.

    In a few words it is important for you to define what is your goal. A local audience or the whole world. This will define the type of website/blog you should create. It can be constructed around your name if the people in your field know who you are or, in your skills and selling them as service. Important things are the name of the website/blog, its content and the usage of important keywords/tags for your business. A blog is a good idea In case you don’t have technical skills. Another option is sites.google.com (It’s like building a presentation document). You can also try to buy a domain in order to have an easier to remember URL.

    When you are mailing people/companies about your services, it is important that you have a good website/blog where people can learn more about you without engaging in a 1 to 1 conversation. In your blog make sure you have an extra page that clearly states the services you provide, more info about you and means to contact you. Write your email in this format to avoid spam: email [AT] domain.com

    Let me know if I can help further.


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