Being Googley :)

People often ask me: What is being Googley? Only Google employees are Googley?

In my opinion the first and important statement is:

Being Googley doesn’t necessarily mean working for Google. Being Googley is a concept.. A way of life.

It is true that it started with the the Google Culture, but I believe that it goes far beyond that. Is something that you can take home.

Part of being Googley is reflected in this sentence in the Google book `do well by doing good’. It applies while you are working but also on your personal life. It is about being friendly towards others, it is about tolerance towards different cultures and points of view. Acting Googley is doing something positive and meaningful, is going the ‘extra mile’ to improve how things work. It can be a process or a workflow or even contributing for the life of someone that lives far away and you never saw before.

Aiming for average, a passive attitude towards problems or giving up on a difficult situation is not Googley. A positive and constructive attitude will do you much better and help the world to become a better place for us all.

It is true that sometimes is not easy to overcome problems but being creative and responsible is part of being Googley.

“Googley”… “googliness” is aiming for a better life, aiming to make things easier and better for everyone, including yourself!

I do believe that it could change the world and it is a concept that each person has the right to describe and act and develop according to their beliefs and possibilities…

Edit (one more sentence): – As a company, “to fully understand Google, it’s helpful to understand all the ways in which the company has helped to redefine how individuals, businesses and technologists view the Internet”. Here is the Google Philosophy.

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  1. marta

    Ador este blablabla sobre o googley.
    Eu ja sabia que o meu maninho era o maximo mas nao sabia que escrevia to bem

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