Internet Detox (IAD – Internet Addiction Disorder)

During my last trip (Ukraine) I was without Internet for a week. The funny thing is that I never realized before how it is important on my life and without it I feel a bit lost. My understanding of Ukrainian is null and my Russian only allows me to understand basic conversations. Said this, the information from TV did not help me much.

Another thing is that my friends are located in several parts of the globe and I like to talk to them every day (it is part as my routine I would say). I could not do this either. Reading the newspapers was out of my option.

So… I had a sense of loss. Something was missing and I that made me wounder if I was addicted to the Internet.

When I arrived I looked at some of the symptoms on the web. Here is a list of my findings:

  1. Preoccupation — You think constantly about previous online activity or keep looking forward to the next online session. Some people crave time on the Internet the way a smoker craves a cigarette.
  2. Increased use — You need to spend increasing amounts of time online to achieve satisfaction. A parent who’s spending 50 hours a week in a chat room might neglect basic responsibilities such as doing laundry or making dinner for the kids.
  3. Inability to stop — You can’t cut back on your Internet use, even after several attempts. Some people can’t stop visiting chat rooms while at the office, even though they know their bosses are monitoring the sites they visit.
  4. Withdrawal symptoms — You feel restless, moody, depressed, or irritable when you attempt to stop or cut down Internet use. Some people feel so grumpy in jobs where they can’t go online that they make excuses to go home and use the computer.
  5. Lost sense of time — Everyone lets time slip by occasionally while on the Internet. Consider it a problem if it happens to you consistently when you’re online and you’re also experiencing some of the other symptoms on this list.
  6. Risky behaviors — You jeopardize a significant relationship, job, or educational or career opportunity because of Internet use.
  7. Lies — You lie to family members, a therapist, or others to conceal the extent of your involvement with the Internet.
  8. Escape to the Internet — You use the Internet as a way to avoid thinking about problems, or to allay depression or feelings of helplessness.

Feel free to visit this link for more information about the theme and here is also a test.
Well.. my conclusion is that I love the Internet and It is my passion, however on a personal level I conclude it is just the communication channel I use to get the information I need and to be in touch with my friends. It never interfered with my work or my personal life. Being informed is my addiction.. that’s not that bad I think.

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  1. Robert

    Absolutely agree that being informed isn’t bad. To my mind, children are more predisposed to Internet addiction. My child could not stay away from the Internet even for an hour, that’s why I bought internet filtering software called Ez Internet Timer It can stop all his on-line activity and block Internet browsers, e-mails, ftps or messengers like ICQ, Skype according to my daily schedule.

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