Funny questions about how Humans behave

There are a few things that amaze me in the Human behavior… I decided to compile a few Here “scientific” facts about it. These funny sentences are usually the kind of stuff we get in our inbox:

– Why do you call APARTments to something that is together?

– Why can´t women paint eye lashes their without their mouth open

– Why you can’t find cat food tasting like mouse?

– Sheep do not shrink in the rain but your wool sweater might if you wash it

– Where is the other part of Middle East?

– Flying is safe but… Why do you have a TERMINAL in the airport?

– Where does a bald man stop when he is washing his face?

– Why do we press harder the remote button when the batteries are low?

– When we are driving and we can´t find the way.. Why do we always shut the radio off?

– Why do we count sheep to go to sleep?

– Why do we shrug off our shoulders when it is raining. Do you expect to get less wet

and finally…

– To shut down Windows why do we press Start?

Have a nice day 🙂

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