UX Studies, Usability and User Experience


This is my first post about this matter and I expect to write a few more about this in the future. This post contains a general overview of my opinion regarding usability and user experience.

The Internet is all about users, clients, products, services etc. You have users and clients on one side and products or/and services on the other. It is like going to the a regular shop. The person that is presenting and selling you the product has to be nice, has to convince you that you are on the right place (sometimes even before you actually see the product your buying). The main characteristic of the web is that we use the “serve yourself”. The problem sometimes is not the product that is so bad that sales do not exist, the problem is the process. It is very confusing and annoying for the potential client and he gives up before he buys.

How to improve the quality of your site? In general what users want? How to pitch you sales? Those are questions that I can’t answer in specific but I will give you some guidelines that for sure will bring better results.

Stay tuned… 🙂

3 thoughts on “UX Studies, Usability and User Experience

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  2. Beatriz S Santos

    Viva João Rufino
    Estava à procura de imagens para ilustrar slides sobre usabilidade e gostei desta imagem.
    Importa-se que a use?´como devo referir o autor?


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