Sayings by Computer Engineers

Last week I met a few colleagues in Zurich that are renowned computer engineers some of them are in my opinion associated with the history of computers itself, both on the infrastructure and on the front end side of products and I got really good advises and sayings from them and I decide to add my own as well.

  • Complicated things usually fail in complicated ways. Start from the obvious although… the saying usually prevails.
  • If it is complicated… explain it in a very simple way like if your audience is 5 years old but in a rush.
  • Don’t be afraid of small projects and share small ideas. They sometimes are small but they can mean something and become great ideas!
  • Please… when you have a simple project to implement do not make it hard to understand just to ‘look good’. People buy it once but it wont look good a second time.
  • Ideas…ideas…ideas… They are the future of this business and don’t be afraid of your creativity. Phrase it well and go for it!

Believe in your ideas…

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