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Well, Spam is probably the worst way you can spread the word about your products. As it currently stands, email spam is in the eye of the beholder. It usually pertains to unsolicited commercial messages sent in bulk by people you don’t know (with exceptions of course). Some spammers will argue that email spam is the same as traditional junk mail, but in my opinion there is a huge difference: The cost! The cost of sending junk mail through conventional means is very real, including postage costs paid by the sender. The cost of sending email spam is very small, and most of the costs are paid by people other than the sender.

Spam Alert

Listed below are ten of the most common spam subject lines received McAfee last week. Spam campaigns can change rapidly so any spam, or missed spam, you receive in your inbox may not necessarily correspond with the spam subjects in this list, as these subjects may be blocked by your Anti-Spam software if installed.

  1. Perfect solution for a problem
  2. I found a website with the best online games around
  3. Claim your 300 Euros now!
  4. 555 Euro – Welcome Bonus!
  5. Venture to become a super-lover in 2008!
  6. SALE 85% OFF on Pfizer
  7. Herbal science comes to your rescue!
  8. Men & Women Designer Footwear from Chanel Gucci Prada Dior Versace
  9. Free Shipping on all Designer Footwear from Chanel Gucci Prada Dior Ugg
  10. Don’t be afraid to change your life!


Here is another list: The Spam Database list updated every day.

  1. Hey! Do you want to make huge money?!
  2. Ultranm
  3. Vlcodin
  4. Elimlnate your pain
  5. We found the lowest pricce online Safe 20% to 80% on each order
  6. Hyrdocodone
  7. Amazing Prices. FedEx. Order Now
  8. Re: Poor credit not a problem.
  9. exclusive watches rolex
  10. Receive funds in as little as 5 days

Spam is a tricky thing and it is something we should fight every day on the web. Below you can see a graph with Spam Top subjects.

Spam subjects

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