A Brief History of Time

Original “A Brief History of Time” A Brief History of time - 10th Anniversary

According to Stephen Hawking (it’s author) it is a book that gives a light about cosmology to the common citizen. It in fact did, and it was also on the London Sunday Times best-seller list for a record-breaking 237 weeks. “I’m surprised that it is one of the most sold books ever after the bible” said Hawking. I read this book around eight years ago and it changed my life at some extend. I was somehow influenced by it and I studied “Applied Chemistry” for two years. After that I decided to study another aspect of the “future”. I took my masters in Computer Science and Engineering but forever this will be a book that means something to me. I recommend everyone to read it because it gives you a nice perspective of how is the universe seen by a brilliant mind.

I read the 10th Year Anniversary :).

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