Internet Marketing or “Emarketing”


Everyone knows the definition of it. Well, if you don’t here is the Wikipedia definition: “Emarketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet”. Well.. there is a lot more to it than its definition.

If you want to develop a successful Internet marketing strategy you must think on the overall success of your online business. In order to succeed, you must keep in mind the following:

  • Be original and show what is innovative about your product
  • Your website must be professional and have a strong focus on sales
  • A true Emarketing campaign

Success is at your feet, however, “easier said than done” and it is important to keep these three things in mind while developing the plan. If you are interested in this keep reading.

Considerations on “Be original and show what is innovative about your product”

  • The uniqueness of your product will increase greatly your chance of success;
  • Target market. Remember, the Internet is a global marketplace;
  • A great product will fulfill a need or desire and provide instant gratification;
  • Investigate! Research! Find out exactly what people want point out your innovative solution on that section;

Considerations on “Your website must be professional and have a strong focus on sales”

  • Everything on your website lead the visitor to buy what your selling and become a customer;
  • An excellent choice of words. In the web an image is NOT more valuable than 1000 words;
  • Try to address the users needs on every sentence. Think your sales speech as a great Online Help Center;
  • You will answer the visitors needs and yo are writing to persuade them to take action;

Considerations on A true Emarketing campaign

  • Plan a short-termed and a long-termed Marketing campaign;

Short term (leads to important but not reliable boost on your website visitors). It usually includes purchasing advertisement, launching a newsletters and have a straight relation with Search Engines

Long term (brings you a consistent stream of targeted traffic over time). Includes freebies, quality content and good work in Search Engine Optimization

Balance between short-term and long-term campaigns will drive a consistent number of visitors to your website and guarantee the success of your business.


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