Basics of “Effective Communication”

Yes… communication, communication, communication. Every Marketing/Product or People’s Manager will tell you that this is the key to success and who am I to tell you otherwise! It is true! The way you communicate helps other people to form an opinion about you, about your ideas or about a product that you want to sell or buy. It doesn’t matter much if you have great ideas and you can’t transmit them in a effective way. Communication is a two-way process (speaking and listening) and you can’t be an effective communicator if you don’t master both. I came across a website that gives you some tips about communication strategies. Here are my own:

  • Start by always mention the points in common and accept different opinions by others
  • Nonverbal communication. What you do and how you do it is as important as your words.
  • Transmit something that others can find useful. Find what they need and work on it!
  • Be confident when you speak, being thoughtful but not emotional
  • Keep different opinions out of the personal level. “Attack” divergent opinions, not the one that represents it
  • Have a logical and organized presentation and avoid mixing concepts or ideas. Try to be clear and effective

Comunication Skills

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“Remember the five “C’s” of communication – Clarity, Completeness, Conciseness, Concreteness and Correctness.”

This is, in my opinion, one of the best skills a person can have and I have to be honest, “easier said than done”. This is my own personal battle and an ongoing area for development.

EDIT: I have a couple more tips here. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “Basics of “Effective Communication”

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  3. Babulal Sharma.C

    Hi Mr.Rufino,

    Your blog is very interesting!!!
    Pls submit your post related to communication.


  4. Robert C.

    Dear João,

    Gongratulation to your Blog.
    Allow me to share some views with you.
    I am living and working in China.
    Communication is an amazing adventure here even if you could speak chinese, the possibilties for unexpected reactions are endless.

    I realized one particular word u used to describe your personal development in term of commuication.
    You used the word “battle”. The main point of personal development from my point of view is, how we first of all communicate with ourselfs will either support our goal or not. 😉

    I wish you every success in what ever it is you wish to achieve.

    Best regards

    Robert C.

  5. João Rufino Post author

    Dear Robert,

    I appreciate your kind words.

    In my opinion you mentioned 2 important points in your comment. The first is that cultural background matters. Different cultures communicate very differently and we should always be mindful of this

    Your second point is the pillar of communication and leadership: understand/communicate with yourself and understand what would you want to achieve before you engage others.

    Thanks for your comment,
    João Rufino

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